Classic Movies Naked By Mike Leigh

The worst thing in life is loneliness.

For those who never experienced this truism, Mike Leighs movie its a must see. A necessity. For those who experience loneliness every day, this movie could be a comfort, an assurance. You are not the only one feeling miserable. There are a lot of great movies dealing with loneliness The Collector, Fight Club, One Hour Photo, Taxi Driver, just to name a few, but Naked its one of its kind. It is one of those movies that hit you hard when you watch them, a dark, bleak and uncompromising fable about alienation and about what it means to be lonely, to live your life like a shadow. Watch this movie and you will understand, maybe, how does it feel to live your life knowing that nobody really gives a damn about you. The absence of the human contact…

Naked is the story of Johnny (David Thewlis, who makes the role of his life here, I think), an incredibly intelligent and severely caustic man, with an inclination towards philosophical discourse on every subject, who flees Manchaster for London to avoid a beating from the family of a girl he has raped. There he finds an old girlfriend, and spends some time homeless, making contact with some interesting characters, including a night watchman, two young Scots, a young waitress, all of them alienated and lonely. All of them are society rejects, trying to cope with their everyday numbness and alienation.

The movie reminded me of Scorseses Taxi Driver, dealing with similar issues, the philosophy of desperation, the alienation of the human being in an indifferent society.
This movie is a lesson. Watch it as often as you can and think for a moment about all those issues. Experience at least for 2 hours what it means to be lonely. For some people its a lifetime experience 10/10

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Modern Abstract Art For An Enticing And Eye-Captivating Wall Design!

Do you desire to create an enticing and eye-captivating wall design that never fades? Modern abstract art is an admirable creativity that can not only evoke one’s spirit but also communicate with one’s soul. Hence it is also known as an art that stresses emotional or psychological expressionism and it holds a very special place in the hearts and minds of many people. The ideas of a modern wall art can give an everlasting impression regardless of time and age.

It plays a very significant role in interior designing. You can make your wall into a timeless masterpiece in association with its fixtures and accessories. You can make an elegant and extraordinary renovation to the boring walls of your room by just introducing abstract colors, angles and depth to them. These types of arts are mostly associated with nature, music, beach, western design, wild life, etc. You can also choose to organize your own wall designs to suit your personality, likes, hobbies and many more to create a timeless masterpiece.ce.

A spectacular piece of abstract art wanders the imagination of the viewer. Abstraction is a tool that creates mood and inspire one’s thought. The interpretation of the abstract art may vary according to the views of an individual. You can interpret it in any way you want. It paves way for both imagination and interpretation. It gives the freedom to explore one’s creative minds and interpret the artwork according to how one perceives it. That is why most of the people love collecting these kinds of arts.

If you are a gourmet of modern abstract art, you can purchase them even at your doorstep with the help of internet. You can view, evaluate and buy the desired art with just a few clicks from any part of the world. You can pick and choose the best ones, pay for the art online and have it shipped to your address within a couple of days. But there are also a few things of which you should be careful. Like, you should always look for an art site which is verified by authentication authorities. It should have a secured login page so that your personal particulars are always safe. The payment gateway should be secure for a smooth and trouble free shopping experience. So come on and grab this excellent opportunity and make your wall fabulous with the help of modern wall art making it more attractive.

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Innovative Online marketing Specifics

Innovative marketing is the period used to summarize your act regarding selling as well as advertising a products or services along the Net or World Wide Web. This information has become prepared to offer the reality on Innovative marketing. Innovative online marketing is utilized through a number of businesses as well as people to create their particular items, products and services as well as internet websites recognized by quite a few across the world. Organizations would like for this purpose as they are mindful that the many people these days commit a large number of their particular time period online the net with regard to info, services and products. Firms furthermore would like for this purpose mainly because from time to time goods or items that individuals would like may possibly only be available on the internet and this will be wherever creative marketing comes in convenient.

To be successful using creative website marketing therefore treatments you must carry out to boost the chances of promoting in addition to marketing the services or products. Pertaining to creative promoting to hit your objectives at all you must initial create a web site either by simply performing it yourself or by simply out-sourcing the project to some professional World Wide Web progress team. This really is a single incredibly standard method within creative website marketing given that if you don’t have a very web site; people virtually have got almost nothing in promoting on the net. It’s likewise important people make sure that you have a very high quality web site that may be user-friendly making it possible for friends for a web page this liberty to go close to your web site observing the services or products because they wish.

Any audience is actually a small grouping of buyers a firm provides thought I would strive it is marketing endeavors on. A detailed audience is usually a critical element into an imaginative internet marketing technique. Your blog must also possibly be attractive to a selection of diverse consumers which means your firm receives recognized which usually can lead to a growth in brand name consciousness. In order for one to attract awareness of your web site, you must be aware of what folks nowadays are usually most enthusiastic about and also try and emphasis ones services or products all around that will. Focus on promotes can be divided directly into geographical spot, market segmentation and also product-related segmentation. Seo (SEO) could be the procedure of improving the actual visibility of a web site on the internet from search applications through the actual natural search results. For the brand-new web site for getting recognized and initiate generating income, you will need to conduct Seo (SEO). That aspect in imaginative marketing assists you to in making your web site position high in various engines like Google for example Yahoo and Google.

Short Ton Productions Produces Music For Movies And Television

Soundalikes are songs that are meant to sound similar to well known bands. The song should allow the listener a similar aesthetic and tone while still being original. Music libraries very often have small budgets and cannot work in sync licenses for the original band’s recording and composition. Because of this, it is more realistic to use a soundalike recording in the same style.

As a recording artist wanting to write sound-alikes, you want to take influence from the referenced band without infringing on their copyright. First set your song at a similar tempo. This ensures the overall vibe will remain. A few beats per minute difference would be smart. It is recommended to use a different key. Study the song’s chord progression and arrangement. Ensure that you write a different progression whilst keeping the feel. Another key aspect is instrumentation. You will want to use tracks that are included on the referenced recording, aiming for tone and arrangement in their manner.

Lyrically, try to write words that convey the general concept yet are unique enough to be considered a real song unto itself. If your singing style is not similar enough to the band’s you will need to hire with a session vocalist who can convincingly perform the intended genre. This factor is extremely important to convincing the audience.

Once you have finished recording all of your instruments and vocals, the production additionally should be modeled after the recording artist. Study blogs covering the artist’s production process in detail. The music producer usually covers what gear was used and how they approached processing specific tracks. If you have a decent home studio, you should be able to complete the recording at home. However, many times employing a mixing engineer to polish the record will make your piece to sound its best. No matter where you decide to mix the track it is smart to have the production mastered by a dedicated mastering house. Send both the referenced song and your composition so the engineer can shoot for something very similar in comparison.

Now that you have perfected your sound-alike recording process, your compositions can begin to be signed to music publishers. If the songs are good enough and fit the right scene, the music can be a great source of income via sync licensing and back-end public performance royalties.

CREATIVE DIRECTOR Patrick Kinmonth Part 1

From fashion campaigns to opera sets, Patrick Kinmonth is a modern-day renaissance man. Now he’s turned his hand to directing!

Curator, painter, writer, stylist, art director, designer – Patrick Kinmonth is one of the most prolific creatives of today, yet his name, for many, is still relatively unknown. Certainly, you will have felt the touch of his artistic sensibilities; perhaps you saw the Anglo Mania exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, on which Anna Wintour asked him to act as creative consultant, or maybe you visited the immaculate Valentino retrospectives he designed in Rome and Paris. (If you didn’t, fear not, for in his studio sits a model for its planned arrival at Somerset House next year.) His work has been seen again and again in the pages of Vogue-, a former member of staff, Kinmonth has been instrumental in shaping the careers of many Vogue photographers and has worked on projects for Burberry, Prada, Gucci, Versace, Calvin Klein and others. His aesthetic reach even extends to the stage, where he has been responsible for the design of numerous operas and ballets at some of the world’s most prestigious opera houses. “Patrick takes multi-tasking to new levels,” observes Anna Wintour. “At any given moment he might be writing an evocative magazine article, designing a museum exhibition that will challenge the way we think about the history of fashion, art directing a global advertising campaign for a fashion brand, or designing and directing opera. And in his downtime he will be inventing more garden fantasies for his magical house in the English countryside. He is truly a renaissance man for the twenty-first century.”

Kinmonth is one of that rare breed of artists who are happy to admit that they find greater freedom and creative stimulation in working with other people. Yet his latest incarnation – as a director – may change all that. This month he follows successful productions of Madame Butterfly and Samson and Delilah with an even bigger undertaking – a performance of Bach’s St Matthew Passion with Vocal Futures, a charitable foundation which aims to entice a younger audience to the opera, and opens with a performance in an old concrete laboratory hidden away in Marylebone. At last, it seems, he is assuming his place centre stage.

Walking around the light, airy studio the 54-year-old inhabits in Chelsea, one is struck immediately by the diversity of his work: stacks of books, scale models of forthcoming exhibitions, tubes of paint and posters for opera productions all clamour for his attention. Kinmonth, currently tanned a deep mahogany after a holiday in Ibiza with his friend Mario Testino, is immaculately dressed in a crisp white shirt and blazer – in which a pocket square is placed just so. After graduating from Oxford with a first-class English degree, Patrick’s first ambition was to become a painter. His path was diverted, however, when a chance entry into the Vogue Talent Contest in the early Eighties led him to a position as arts editor He turned his hand to everything, from writing to photography sittings to styling. “Vogue applied me wherever it felt the ointment was necessary,” he observes drily. A calm, authoritative presence, he is charming, speaking with care and consideration in a clipped accent, every sentence littered with references that demonstrate his encyclopedic knowledge of art, music and fashion.

Oil On Canvas Advertising Art Is Special And Unique

The pieces of art that are on the walls in your home are great for adding interest to otherwise plain walls and for showcasing your personal style. Antique artwork is a great way to spice up any room in your home and there are many unique pieces out there that you can choose from at a quality antique dealer shop. One form of art that is truly one-of-a-kind and can be found for sale today is oil on canvas advertising art. This type of art was prevalent in the 18th century in England.

Original advertising art was created by artists who were designing advertising pieces for companies. These pieces of art were done on canvas or other materials and were created with the use of the finest oil paints for a rich look. Often, before an ad was approved an artist made the piece of oil on canvas advertising art and then the editors would mark the piece to show where they wanted changes to be made. Many of these antique original advertising art pieces that have the editing marks and notes on them can be bought today and are truly special because they have never been seen by the general public.

Another great thing about purchasing oil on canvas advertising art is that it was made with very high quality materials so that it will stand the test of time. These art pieces will last for a lifetime and will continue to look beautiful for the entire time that you have them. They are something special and different than most works of art because they were created originally to market an item or product, so they add a whimsical nature to wherever you put them. These pieces were created to sell items, so there are very few of these original advertising art paintings around, giving you almost a guarantee that you will have something different from everyone else.

You can find these canvas paintings at an antiques dealer that purchases high quality original artworks. These dealers have the connections to find you specific advertising art items that you want, or you can look at the large collections that they have for sale. Give your home an old-fashioned dash of style with original advertising art that you purchase from an antiques dealer.

Business – Marketing Program Covers All Essential Areas of the Field

Are you debating between obtaining a business marketing degree or diploma? Centennial College’s Business – Marketing program may help to settle that debate with its combination of practical and theoretical courses that cover the range of knowledge students need to succeed in the field. Here are some specific highlights of the undertaking.

Topics: Because Centennial College’s program combines business and marketing, students get a great overview of both. To provide a foundation, courses cover business basics such as accounting, operations, organizational behavior and international business. A benefit of this foundation is that it contains common courses for most of the school’s business programs, which allows students to seamlessly transition should they choose to switch programs. Additionally, with this solid business base, students can confidently move onto marketing specific topics that encourage the mastery of a marketer’s key competencies – creative, practical decision-making and clear, persuasive communications. Among specific Marketing courses within the offering are: Practical Applications in Marketing, Principles of Marketing, Professional Selling and Marketing Communications.

Practical Experience: One of the aspects that set this offering apart from other Business Marketing Programs in Toronto is the amount of hands-on experience that students attain. For example, once students are introduced to marketing theory, they are able to employ case-based problem solving as well as marketing communications (which includes advertising and promotion) and professional selling practices. Other hands-on opportunities include incorporates case studies, guest lectures, presentations, projects and computer simulations and technologies. However, opportunities for practical application also go beyond the classroom, as Centennial is a proud sponsor of select Marketing students in national and province-wide academic competitions, including the Ontario Colleges Marketing Competition.

Affiliations: There is a host of internal and external affiliations enjoyed by this Marketing program. Firstly, all four semesters of Centennial’s two-year Marketing program are identical to the first four semesters of the school’s three-year, six-semester program. This permits graduates of two-year Marketing to benefit from a seamless transition into the three-year Marketing program, should they wish to gain a more in-depth perspective of the field. Secondly, qualified graduates may be eligible to participate in an articulated program with select universities, institutes and professional associations. These partnerships allow students to apply credits earned at Centennial towards further study at institutions such as Algoma, Athabasca, Davenport, Griffith, Royal Roads, Ryerson universities as well as University of Lethbridge, University of New Brunswick, University of Ontario Institute of Technology and University of Windsor.

Post-Graduate Possibilities: The diploma that students earn is recognized in Canada and abroad, as it reflects high standards of learning. As such, students are prepared for careers as sales representatives, customer service representatives, product consultants, merchandising assistants and merchandising supervisors. The career outlook for grads is excellent, as almost a third of all North Americans are employed in marketing-related positions.

Contributions Of R&b Music Artists

Rhythm and Blues, popularly known as R&B music is a genre of music which has its roots in Afro-American culture. It is widely accepted as a fusion between two genres of music jazz and blues. It came into existence in 1940s, but was formally accepted by music enthusiasts in later part of twentieth century. R&B music exploded in the 1970s with bands such as the Jackson 5, Earth Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder and the popular Motown sound becoming the defining sound of popular urban culture. Later we would witness R&B superstars such as Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Usher Raymond and Chris Brown becoming genuine global superstars selling millions of albums and generating billions of dollars in revenue.

The introduction of music video channels such as MTV and BET Television saw the popularity of R&B music and R&B music videos grow even further. Where for the first time the public could watch live and recorded Hip hop music videos and R&B music videos of all of their favorite artists from the comfort of their own home. The King Of Pop Michael Jackson was just one of the R&B singers to benefit from the growth and popularity of R&B music videos. Other stars such as Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake would become global icons because of this exposure.

The advent of the internet increased the popularity of both Hip hop music videos and R&B music videos still further as it has seen dedicated urban music websites such as showcasing some of the hottest Hip hop music videos and some of the best R&B music videos from the hottest artists around.
Of the modern day R&B artists many critics include R&B superstar Chris Brown as one of the biggest global R&B music icons. From his delicious debut single Run It with its amazing Chris Brown music video which became his first number one single to his current hit Deuces R&B superstar Chris Brown continues to dazzle his fans with incredible stage performances, stunning R&B music videos and incredible multi platinum selling albums.

R&B star Beyonce Knowles is another R&B artist who can claim to be a genuine global R&B music superstar. The talented R&B singer famous for her incredible stage performances; her infectious R&B songs and stunning R&B music videos has also had three platinum selling albums. Beyonce`s music videos for songs such as Crazy In Love have also dominated MTV`s playlists in recent years and with a new album planned in 2011 many critics are already suggesting that R&B superstar Beyonce Knowles will continue her reign on her throne as the true Queen Of R&B music.

R&B star Akon is another R&B artist who has achieved huge success over the last few years. Akon made his debut with his excellent Trouble album in 2004. He rose to prominence with the single Locked Up with its stunning Akon music video. His second album Konvicted was also a huge hit and it would appear that another global R&B superstar was born. Further R&B singles were released including the delicious Smack That which was also nominated for a Grammy Award and with Akon all set to release his brand new album in 2011 it seems that this talented R&B artist is all set to top the charts all over again.
There are many other prominent artists such as Brandy, Monica, Omarion, Usher, Justin Timberlake, and Mario who have achieved incredible success in the R&B music field and have continued the incredible popularity of this genre of music. And with more R&B artists appearing each year such as R&B star Ne-Yo, Ciara and Trey Songz this trend is set to continue well into the next decade.

Fine Art Paintings And The Use Of The Majestic Color Purple

There are three primary colors, red, yellow and blue plus there are three secondary colors, orange, green and purple. The color yellow is complimentary to the colors purple or violet and that appears on the artist’s color wheel. During Easter yellow and purple are widely used and you can see how well they compliment each other.

Mixing red with blue which are both primary colors form the color purple which is a secondary color. Depending on how much red and how much blue are mixed together you will get different shades and types of purple. When the purple is made with more red than blue the color has a heavier red tone and when the color is made with more blue than red the color has a more blue tone. The Spirituality of the color purple or violet and its psychology:

When the color purple in any form appears in paintings the feelings it evokes will vary. A bluish colored purple gives of an older feeling and sets a cooler mood in the painting. The redder the purple the more of a luxurious feel it gives off. So a blue purple is colder than a red purple. Purple, especially when it leans towards the violet side of the spectrum gives off a very gentle feeling and for this reason it has been known as a feminine color. Contrarily to this, men who were considered royal or upper class always wore purple. Wearing purple clothes was only done by those kings and emperors and that is because in ancient times no average person could afford the purple dye that was used. In present day the color purple has been associated with the gay pride community and of course there is the Purple Heart medal awarded to men who were considered the bravest amongst the military community. Purple and violet in the spiritual theories suppose to be a representation of the spirit in man. The color purple is made by these pigments:

Purple colored paint is made from many different compounds and even though it is made from mostly Cobalt, Quinacridone and Ultramarine it is also made from Manganese and Dioxazine. Mixing different reds and blues until you get your desires purple is how to go about making your own purple color.

Mixing the color purple:

The technique for mixing any color is to use the basic components that will create the value and mix them together in small quantities until you arrive at something you like. To make large quantities of the special colors they need some artist keep a book on how much of each color they actually use to make a mixture.

To make different shades of purple its complimentary color yellow can be added to it. By adjusting a little purple to a lot of yellow you can alter the type of violet colors you get and violet is a triad color.

Ways To Create New Mosaic Art Pieces

I would definitely suggest that you use the majority of your pieces that are created specifically for mosaic art – when you begin doing your own mosaics. This way you can learn about the actual design and the application, starting from the beginning using different materials that are provided.

But, there will come a time in your mosaic art, when mosaic tiles and glass beads from a manufacturer aren’t exactly what you need to complete your latest masterpiece. So, I’m going to share with you 4 ways that you can create your own ‘custom-made’ mosaic tiles and pieces for your artwork.

“Do you like smashing plates? – Hey, maybe you need a piece of ceramic or porcelain, or you might run into a beautiful pattern on the stoneware or ceramic that is going to put the crowning touch on your mosaic? If you do see something that catches your eye – why not smash it up and create the ‘new’ mosaic tiles that you want. Make sure you wear your safety goggles!

“Colored bottles – Sometimes you can find the color or texture that is going to make your picture complete if you find an old pop bottle or a textured piece of colored glass from a bottle. Once again, you can take out your frustrations and create a new mosaic tile by crushing the glass to create the pieces you need. Eye protection is important!

“Beautiful stones, but big rocks – You might be out for a hike and find a nice piece of rock that has the color, the texture and the character for the mosaic you are working on right now. If you can transport the rock back home, just take your hammer and chisel and you can probably chip off a few new mosaic pieces for the finishing touch on your art.

“Lose your marbles – Sometimes something as simple as a marble can make a great piece. Marbles often have interesting color patterns in them, and if you are careful when cutting them, you can often get the colors to work in your mosaic very well.

New and interesting pieces for your mosaic are probably just lying around your house, or even your yard. Just like your mosaic art, the limit to what material you can use to create a beautiful mosaic is only limited to your imagination and your vision of what each piece can create.